Vizol S 0,21%

Ideal for milder disorders of dry eyes. It contains high-quality sodium hyaluronate in a concentration of 0,21%.

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preservatives free

rapid effect

Main advantages od Vizol S 0,21 eye drops:

  • Immediately relieves symptoms of mild and moderate dryness
  • Effectively dispersed on the eye's surface
  • Suitable for symptoms of allergy
  • Ideal for patients who wear contact lenses
  • Preservatives-free, safe for usage up to 6 months after first opening
  • Up to 350 sterile drops in a practical bottle
  • Ideal for use during medication therapy
  • Economical and easy to use

Ideal solution for patients who wear contact lenses and have allergies.

Vizol S 0,4%


1 ml of solution contains 2,115 mg of sodium hyaluronate.

Other: sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogenphosphate, sodium hydrogenphosphate anhydrous, purified water


Vizol S 0,21% eye drops are intended for relief of milder disorders of eye dryness. They can be used while wearing your contact lenses.

Before use, read the instructions included.


10 ml of solution in a bottle with an applicator.

The bottle’s applicator technology contains a filter, which makes the product safe as it prevents contamination of the solution even after it has been opened.