Frequent Questions and Answers

What is Vizol S?

Vizol S is artificial tears without any preservatives that provide relief from disorders caused by dry eye. 

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a disorder of the eye caused by lack of the aqueous component of tears and/or inadequate tear film. Depending on the criteria, there are many definition of dry eye, but the most often used is the one that defines it as a disorder of tear film caused by lack of tears or their increased vaporization, which can lead to possible injury of the eye's surface and subjective disorders of the eye.

What causes dry eye?

Causes may differ: 

  • Prolonged work at the computer
  • Wearing of contact lenses, eye surgeries, eye injuries or presence of a foreign body in the eye
  • Environment (central heating, air-conditioning units, fluorescent lights, smoke and wind)
  • Disorder of the tear film caused by lack of tears or their abundant evaporation
  • Growing old
  • Gender (hormonal changes during pregnancies, breastfeeding, menstruation or menopause for women)
  • Medication (antidepressants, high blood pressure, contraception)
  • Diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma, thyroid diseases, glaucoma).

Why use Vizol eye drops?

There are two main goals:

• relief of disorders and thus increase in quality of patient's life

• prevention of possible complications, such as superinfection or occurrence of scars. Vizol S eye drops may greatly relieve disorders and prevent consequences.

Do I have dry eye?

Many people suffer from dry eye. It is a condition that can be very unpleasant and can occur due to many reasons. The reasons are listed under 3. If you experience stinging, scratching, discomfort, or feel like you have sand in your eyes, you probably have dry eye. Vizol S eye drops may relieve these disorders, but you should contact your ophthalmologist for a precise diagnosis.

Can I use Vizol s eye drops?

Yes, anyone can use Vizol S unless otherwise stated by your doctor. If you wear contact lenses, we do not recommend use of Vizol S eye drops when you have your contacts on due to the thickness of Vizol S 0,4. Products Vizol S 0,21 and Vizol S INTENSIVE are more suitable when you are using your contacts. If you have very dry eyes and wish to use Vizol S 0,4 use it after you take off your contacts, ideally before going to bed.

Which Vizol S eye drops should I chose?

Depending on the severeness of symptoms, cause of dryness and fact whether you wear contact lenses or not, you should choose your ideal product. This diagnostics tool (link) on our webpage can help you in this process.

In short:

  • Vizol S 0,21, intended for milder and moderate symptoms of dry eyes and suitable for persons with contact lenses.
  • Vizol S 0,4 intended for more severe symptoms of dry eyes. It is not suitable for persons with contact lenses. Ideal for use during the night.
  • Vizol S INTENSIVE intended for milder and moderate symptoms of dry eyes, during prolonged computer work and irritated eyes. It is especially useful if the eye is irritated due to a mechanical injury (contact lenses, foreign body, diagnostic procedures...). It is suitable for persons with contact lenses.

How often should I use Vizol S eye drops?

Eye drops can be used several times a day, depending on the patient's need. Each time put 1 - 2 drops into the eye and blink several times so that the drops distribute evenly across the eye's surface. The eye drops may be used indefinitely because they do not contain any preservatives and thus are not harmful for eyes.

What do Vizol S eye drops contain?

Vizol S eye drops contain sodium hyaluronate of high quality that moisturizes, lubricates and normalizes the tear film.

Vizol S INTENSIVE contains sodium hyaluronate as well as dexpanthenol, which regenerates and protects the eye's surface.

Why should I choose Vizol S?

These product have many unique characteristics:

  • Adaptable to different levels of eye dryness
  • Preservatives-free
  • Safe for usage
  • Quick results
  • Possible to use up to 6 months after opening
  • Suitable for children
  • Innovative applicator

Why is this product preservatives - free?

Preservatives are used in order to prolong the product's duration. However, they are at the same time a potential irritant. The main cause of pollution and change in characteristics of a product is bacteria. Thanks to its special pump, Vizol S products remain protected from bacteria as their entrance into the bottle is not possible. Thus the product remains safe for prolonged use and possible irritations from preservatives are prevented.

I experience problems with instilling the drops into my eyes?

Instilling of eye drops may be unpleasant, mainly due to the eye's reflex for natural protection. The informative brochure in the package shows you how to instill the eye drops more easily. The pump is designed to help shape the drops more regularly and thus prevent unnecessary waste and spillage.

I wear contact lenses, can I use Vizol S?

Certainly. For patients who use contacts, we recommend Vizol S 0,21, which can be instilled directly on the contact lens in order to moisten it and enable easier wearing. In case of irritation or eyestrain, we recommend additional eye care with Vizol S INTENSIVE, which moisturizes and regenerates damaged surface of the eye. We do not recommend Vizol S 0,4 for patients with contact lenses but you can use them after removing contacts for intensive moisturizing during the night.

I use an instilling eye medication Vizol S drops?

We recommend that you consult your doctor who will advise you how to use eye drops in addition to your therapy. Wait at least 15 minutes after instilling your medication before using the artificial tears. Vizol S products will eliminate the sensation of dryness that can be caused by your therapy.

A small amount of the product remains in the bottle and can not be squeezed out?

That is a normal occurrence that we have anticipated. In each case the pump will squeeze out all the drops from the quantity declared on the package. The remaining amount of drops is necessary to ensure proper functioning of the pumping system.  

Can Vizol S blur the eyesight?

Yes, some patients may experience short term blurring. Its duration and intensity are individual and pass away quickly. After you instill the drops, we recommend that you blink several times in order to disperse it all over the eye's surface.

Can children use Vizol S?

There is no age restriction for use of Vizol S eye drops, but we do not recommend it for children younger than 3 years. When children use the eye drops, they should be accompanied by adults. The product should be kept out of children's reach.

What is Ectoin®?

Ectoin® is a compound produced by bacteria, which are resistant to extreme conditions (extremely high or low temperature, salinity...) in order to survive and their cells to retain water and prevent them from drying up.

Have the effects of Ectoin contained in Vizol S ALLERGY eye drops been proven?

There are several studies that prove the safety and effectiveness of Ectoin in preventing as well as relieving the symptoms of allergy in eyes.

How long does Vizol S ALLERGY protect the eye from symptoms of allergy?

The protective effect is individual and it can last from 3 to 12 hours (different studies have shown different results). In any case, it is advised to protect one’s eyes from excessive exposure to allergens (by wearing sunglasses when staying in the open, washing of hair and changing of clothes). 

Can one use other eye drops in combination with Vizol S ALLERGY?

Yes. There are no known interactions between Vizol S Allergy eye drops and other eye drops or ointments. If you are using some other product for your eye, wait at least 15 minutes between applications.