Vizol S 0,4%

For more severe disorders of dry eyes, the patients need an immediate and long-lasting solution. Vizol S 0,4% contains a high concentration of sodium hyaluronate in form of tears. It is easier and better to use than gel and provides a longer sensation of comfort.

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Main advantages of Vizol S 0,4 eye drops:

  • Immediately relieves symptoms of severe dryness
  • Effectively dispersed on the eye's surface
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Ideal for use during the night
  • Preservatives-free, safe for usage up to 6 months after first opening
  • Up to 350 sterile drops in a practical bottle
  • Ideal for use during medication therapy
  • Economical and easy to use

Ideal solution for prolonged dryness and during longer period of work at the computer.

Vizol S 0,4%


1 ml of solution contains 4,028 mg of sodium hyaluronate.

Other: sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogenphosphate, sodium hydrogenphosphate anhydrous, purified water.


Vizol S 0,4% eye drops are intended for relief of severe disorders of eye dryness. Vizol S 0,4% are viscous drops and thus they provide longer retention of sodium hyaluronate on the eye's surface, which results in a longer-lasting lubrication and better protection. When wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to take off the contacts for 15 minutes during use of eye drops.

Before use, read the instructions included.


10 ml of solution in a bottle with an applicator.

The bottle's applicator technology contains a filter, which makes the product safe as it prevents contamination of the solution even after it has been opened.