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The modern way of life brings many advantages, but it often involves exposure to less-than-ideal conditions. Work and other obligations often involve spending time in dry or air-conditioned rooms. In addition, due to the rapid advancement of technology, we spend more and more time using digital devices.

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Screens and eye health: challenges of the modern age

Screens and eye health: challenges of the modern age

Many jobs today involve working on a computer, which has also become part of our free time. After a day at work, most people like to relax with their favourite television shows or on social media.

For young people and school-age children, playing video games is a hugely popular form of entertainment. All of this points to the fact that we spend most of our time looking at screens, which inevitably impacts the health of our eyes and vision.

When using digital devices for extended periods, we unconsciously blink too little and excessively strain our eyes, neglecting to take the necessary breaks and rest from continuously looking at a screen. This reduces the optimal moisture of the eyes and creates the conditions for dry eyes.

Relief of eye discomfort Vizol S eye drops

Relief of eye discomfort Vizol S eye drops

Therefore, it is not unusual for us to find it hard to wake up in the morning and feel burning or dryness in our eyes. During the day, we can experience a feeling of tiredness, irritation and tightening of the eyes. The most visible discomfort, eye redness, can also occur.

Constant eye discomfort affects our everyday life and makes it difficult to perform daily tasks and activities. It reduces concentration and efficiency when tackling work-related tasks. In addition, it reduces the quality of time we devote to our hobbies. For passionate fans of video games, it adversely affects focus, creativity and enjoyment itself.

Vizol S eye drops offer a solution for all these symptoms. They are designed to instantly alleviate eye discomfort and provide optimal eye moisture. Our dry eye test will help you choose the best solution for your discomfort.

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