How to get rid of itchy and red eyes?

The clarity of your eyes can be impaired by dry air, physiological reactions, long-term exposure to screens, dust or pollen, and the presence of a foreign body. Although we all experience itching and redness of the eye from time to time, it is important not to underestimate them because they can sometimes indicate other health problems that need to be addressed.

What causes itchy and red eyes?

Eye redness and itching are unpleasant symptoms that many people associate with allergies or contact lenses and ignore. However, any change in the eyes should be taken seriously because there are many conditions that can cause redness and itching.

Redness of the eye occurs due to dilation of blood vessels. In addition to allergies, infections and a foreign body in the eye, the reason for this can be increased blood pressure or its sudden changes, stronger physical exertion, intense sneezing, and coughing, but also prolonged exposure to the sun or air conditioners.

In addition to allergies, itching can also be caused by personal care products, make-up, eye fatigue that occurs because of long-term staring at the screen, lack of high-quality eye drops to moisten the eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, and periocular dermatitis, the symptoms of which are itchy eyelids, rashes, and thickened skin around the eyes.

Eye drops - yes, or no?

Patients suffering from eye problems often find relief in over-the-counter eye drops. However, not all eye drops are the same, nor are they a suitable solution for all eye problems.

In order not to make a mistake and, for example, use eye drops to cover up an important symptom of glaucoma, dry eye or another disease, be sure to let the pharmacist know what you are feeling so that, based on the symptoms, he can assess whether the use of drops is justified.

Vizol S eye drops are preservative-free and quick-acting, with an innovative applicator that prevents contamination of the solution and remains sterile for up to six months after opening. Symptoms such as itching, redness or excessive tearing of the eye can be effectively alleviated with the help of these eye drops, which help in the process of restoring the irritated and sensitive mucous membrane of the eye. They are suitable for people who wear contact lenses, children, and people with sensitive eyes.

Additional tips for itchy and red eyes

Maintaining hygiene and massaging the eyelids helps. You can massage the eyelids with a warm compress two to four times and gently clean them with the help of a stick soaked in a mixture of water and baby shampoo.

Avoid makeup when treating any eye condition, and when the eyes have recovered, use hypoallergenic makeup and cosmetics as they will not cause skin peeling, rashes, and itching.

If the source of itching and redness is eye strain, look twenty meters into the distance for at least twenty seconds every twenty minutes. Allow your eyes time to rest, it is not a luxury but a priority.

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