How to reduce the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis

Spring and summer allergies affect more and more people, and the unpleasant symptoms that accompany them are irritated and red eyes, which itch and water, and quite often some discharge appears on the eyelids. If you are facing such problems, you probably have allergic conjunctivitis.

Allergic conjunctivitis is the result of hypersensitivity of the eye surface to potential allergens in the air. The body of an allergy sufferer treats pollen of grasses and trees in bloom during the spring and summer as a foreign body and tries to defend itself, which is mostly manifested as an excessive allergic reaction.

In addition to eye problems, allergic conjunctivitis is often accompanied by rhinitis, similar symptoms that attack the area of the upper respiratory system, so in addition to watery and irritated eyes, allergy sufferers also struggle with itchy and runny noses during spring and summer.

Prevention of allergic conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis can be seasonal or non-seasonal. Thus, in addition to seasonal allergens such as pollen from various plants, it can also be caused by mites or animal hair, the presence of which does not depend on the season.

As with many other conditions, prevention plays an important role in the fight against allergic conjunctivitis. What can you do to make your daily life easier when an allergy strikes?

Relatively simple things such as regular vacuuming of your living space, paying attention to the pollen calendar, washing your hair after long walks, airing the space at a time when the concentration of allergens in the air is lower, as well as regularly changing clothes and bed linen help reduce the presence of pollen grains that cause unpleasant symptoms.

Additionally, if you experience symptoms of burning or itching of the eyes, it is recommended to use eye drops containing ectoine. It is an amino acid produced by extremophiles, that is, organisms that live in an extremely salty environment and therefore have the ability to retain water, prevent desiccation and protect cells. Ectoine is one of the first extremolytes successfully used in products and best researched.

With such specialized and high-quality care, your eyes will more easily survive the busy season of spring or summer allergies.

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