Dry eye disease in pregnancy - why it occurs and how to help yourself

Pregnancy is a very special and specific period of life for a woman for many reasons, but especially because it causes numerous changes in the body. For example, pregnant women often encounter dry eye disease. What is it about and why is it happening?

Dry eye disease in pregnancy

Dry eye disease is characterized by a lack of moisture on the surface of the eye, which causes discomfort in the eye, and sometimes burning or itching. Due to the reduced humidity of the eye, when passing the eyelid over the eye, a stronger friction is felt because the surface of the eye is not moist enough, so the eyelid „scrapes“ on the surface of the cornea. Dry air in the room, long-term work in front of the computer screen or certain autoimmune diseases can be a potential cause of this.

Pregnant women are not spared. Rather, this problem appears mostly due to hormonal changes, especially at the end of the first trimester, but also due to external influences. Hormonal changes can affect the quantity and quality of tears that moisten the cornea and cause dry eye syndrome.

Eye drops help tackle the symptoms

Just as pregnancy can affect the appearance of acne, it can also affect the glands located on the eyelids, which secrete oil into the tears. If they do not secrete enough oil into the tears, they will evaporate faster and favor the occurrence of dry eye syndrome.

However, with eye drops that help moisten the eye, you can help yourself relieve dry eye symptoms such as burning and itching. They can be used as needed, even every day.

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