Dry eyes when wearing lenses

If you do not identify and eliminate the cause of dry eyes, you can forget about the comfortable use of lenses. Contact lenses are a method of vision correction that many people resort to. Failure to comply with the rules of use when wearing them regularly can cause dry eye disease.

Causes of dry eye disease if you wear lenses

Dry eye disease is a condition caused by a lack of tear production or its rapid evaporation from the surface of the eye. It is manifested by symptoms of burning, redness, itching, discomfort with a feeling of dryness and "sand" in the eyes.

Most often, the development of dry eye provokes a long and intense load when working at a computer, using gadgets, reading in low light conditions. Environmental conditions like dry air in the room, smoke, smog, wind, etc., contribute to its development.

Wearing lenses can do the same. With prolonged use, dry eyes occur when:

  • The care and cleaning of contact optics are carried out incorrectly or not well enough (for example, if you wash the lenses in water, instead of a special solution, if you do not periodically buy a new container or change the solution daily, etc.).
  • The mode of wearing lenses is not right (for example, if you do not take them off at night, wear them for more than 12 hours in a row, use them during a cold, etc.).
  • The solution is incorrectly selected (some people have intolerance to certain components that make up its composition).
  • Lenses are used for longer than the recommended period (for example, if you wear 2-week lenses for longer than 14 days).
  • Tear fluid cannot fully circulate due to improper fit of the lens.
  • The parameters of the lenses are illiterately selected. It's not about diameter, radius of curvature or other parameters. The doctor selects lenses, focusing also on the individual characteristics of the patient's eyes and the conditions for wearing lenses (nature of work, general health, allergies, etc.).

If unpleasant symptoms appear, you should consult an ophthalmologist. He will identify the cause of dry eyes and determine what needs to be done: replace the solution, purchase other lenses, or use special preparations to moisturize the eyes.

Artificial tears are the most effective method of dealing with dry eyes. Such drops are close in composition to a natural tear and allow you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of discomfort.

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