Vision Development in Babies in Their First Months of Life

How do babies see in their first months of life? This is a question that many parents ask. Since babies cannot describe their experiences, we can rely on scientific research and knowledge about vision development in newborns. In this article, we will provide information about how babies perceive the world around them in their early stages of development.

Vision Development in Babies

Blurred vision in the first month:

In the first weeks of their lives, babies’ vision is blurred, and they see mostly in shades of grey. Vision development in babies begins already in the mother’s womb but is finalised only towards the end of the first year of life.

Sensitivity to light and insufficient focus of the eyes

In the first month, a baby’s eyes are not yet very sensitive to light and do not see all colours clearly. Sometimes, it can be noticed that the eyes are not pointing in the same direction, but if this doesn’t happen often, there is no need to worry. During this period, a baby’s eyes have already reached 65% of their final size. The effect of bright colours, contrasts and drawings in a child’s room can encourage eye development at that early age.

Improved visual acuity by the third month

By the third month, a baby’s eyes will become more coordinated, and the baby will be able to follow objects with their eyes without having to move their neck and head. Also, their vision will become sharper, and their sensitivity to light will increase. Therefore, it is important to dim the light in the room to make it easier for the baby to sleep.

Vision test and further development

Towards the end of the first six months of a baby’s life, their vision will become increasingly sharper, and the baby will follow the objects that move in front of it without any problems. During this period, it is recommended to have the first vision test to confirm normal development. After that, until its first birthday, a baby will continue to develop coordination between the eyes and other parts of the body. Bruises and minor bumps may appear during this period, which is a normal part of the growing-up process. The colour of the baby’s eyes will probably stabilise and become their final colour.

Vision development in babies is a gradual process. At first, vision is blurry and limited to shades of grey, but as time goes on, babies gradually develop visual acuity and the ability to perceive colours. Regular vision tests and providing stimulating environments will contribute to the optimal development of vision in babies. Enjoy watching the world through your baby’s eyes as they explore and get to know their surroundings.

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