Eye inflammation

Eye inflammation and how to treat it

Have you noticed that in recent days your eyes are unusually red, and in the morning they hardly open due to the number of secretions that you have accumulated on your eyelids during the night? You may have an eye infection. Find out how to recognize and cure it in the following lines.

Eye health in winter

How to take care of eye health in winter

In winter, our eyes are exposed to several aggressive factors at once: low temperatures and cold wind, reflected ultraviolet radiation, dry air in the room. Here is how to take care of eye health during the cold season.

Preservative-free eye drops

Why is it important to choose preservative-free eye drops

Every day, we take in preservatives through food or medicine, meant to prevent them from going bad. However, there is a growing trend to avoid products containing preservatives due to the controversy surrounding their use. This is particularly important in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Eye hygiene - how to care for your eyes

Eye hygiene - how to care for your eyes

Eye hygiene refers to a set of measures for maintaining the normal functioning of your eyes and preserving their health. Ophthalmologists recommend some simple rules, not just in a situation where certain vision problems appear, but for you to follow daily and make sure your eyes stay in good shape.

Vision Development in Babies

Vision Development in Babies in Their First Months of Life

How do babies see in their first months of life? This is a question that many parents ask. Since babies cannot describe their experiences, we can rely on scientific research and knowledge about vision development in newborns. In this article, we will provide information about how babies perceive the world around them in their early stages of development.

Types of contact lenses

Types of contact lenses

Contact lenses are a great way to correct vision for those who do not want to wear glasses and are not ready for surgery. They are easy to use, affordable, invisible to use, and relatively safe. Unless, of course, your lenses have been correctly selected.

Staring at Screens? Protect Your Eyes with These 6 Tips for Dry Eye

Staring at Screens? Protect Your Eyes with These 6 Tips for Dry Eye

In today's digital age, the ubiquitous use of computers, smartphones, and other gadgets poses challenges to eye health. One common issue that arises is dry eye syndrome also known as dry eye disease, and in this article, we explore the deeper connection between this condition and prolonged use of digital devices.

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